What’s Going With Medium — A Big Dip in Earnings

Is Medium really dead after the new MMP update, especially considering the significant dip in earnings observed over the last couple of days by everyone on Medium?

I’ve noticed that many writers are giving up, even those who are relatively new with fewer than 100 followers.

They may not even realize how many times it sucks before you make your very first dollar. Pretty sad, nah?

I must say Tony should not have changed the policy for entering the Medium Partner Program, or at least kept the 100 followers requirement.

The New Writers And MMP

Hey, I’m not

 . I must say I’m not a believer of overnight success either. I’ve seen many ups and down in the realm of online writing — that’s how I said it “sucks” before you start making money.

Now, let me base my analysis on the new MMP update. You create a Medium account, publish your first robotic shit story, get into the MMP, and BOOM, you earn your first $10 on the very first day on Medium, even with zero followers.

I mean, I’m speechless friend…

How’s it possible to make $10 or even more with zero followers on the very first day?

It’s possible. You join a Facebook group, a Telegram group or something similar and engage in the engagement-for-engagement game!

Whatever you choose and whatever you write doesn’t matter. Just play the game; follow-for-follow, clap-for-clap, response-for-response and make money.

Where’s the struggle, and where is the quality?

A robotic story generates more income in the first 24 hours than a well-crafted piece, even though the writer was sucked many times before getting reached to such prominent position.

Here’s is a question?

Where Medium sources this money?”

You see, Medium doesn’t run ad campaigns; it’s you, me, and others who subscribe for $5 per month, and this is where the funds for compensation come from.

And to the best of my knowledge this is where Tony along with the Medium algorithm got confused, thinking that something was going wrong.

They had to balance the outflow of money (going to the writers), which exceeded the inflow (coming into Medium). This is how they turned the tables.

This is my personal analysis, and you might have a different perspective. I’d be delighted to hear your viewpoint. Feel free to share!

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