CO molecular orbital diagram

If you want to draw Co molecular orbital diagram, first find you know atomic number

Atomic Numbers:

Atomic number of Carbon (C): 6

Atomic number of Oxygen (O): 8
Adding the atomic numbers of Carbon and Oxygen: 6 + 8 = 14

Electronic Configurations of carbon and oxygen:

Electronic configuration for Carbon (C): 1s² 2s² 2p²
Electronic configuration for Oxygen (O): 1s² 2s² 2p⁴

Carbon Monoxide CO Molecular Orbital Diagram

co molecular orbital diagram
                                                co molecular orbital diagram

Co molecular orbital electronic configuration

σ(1s)², σ*(1s)², σ(2s)², σ*(2s)², π(2px)2=π(2py)2 , σ(2pz)²,

Magnetic Nature of CO

The carbon dioxide (CO) molecule is diamagnetic in nature. Diamagnetic substances have all their electrons paired, leading to a cancellation of magnetic moments. Since all the electrons in the molecular orbital diagram for CO are paired, the molecule does not exhibit a net magnetic moment and is diamagnetic.

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