CN- molecular orbital diagram in 2023

Question CN- molecular orbital diagram

Answer CN- molecular orbital diagram (cyanide ion), which consists of carbon and nitrogen atoms,

follow these steps:

Atomic Numbers:

The atomic number of carbon (C) is 6, and for nitrogen (N) it is 7. Adding these together and accounting for the negative charge (-1) gives us  a total of 14 electrons.

Electronic Configurations:

The electron configurations for carbon and nitrogen are as follows:
Carbon (C): 1s² 2s² 2p²
Nitrogen (N): 1s² 2s² 2p³

CN- Molecular Orbital Diagram:

Below is the molecular orbital diagram for CN- with its corresponding electronic configuration:

CN - molecular orbital diagram
                                                     CN- molecular orbital diagram

In this diagram, the molecular orbitals are listed in order of increasing energy. The electron configuration of CN- is distributed among these orbitals.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the CN- molecule is diamagnetic in nature. This is because all of its electrons are paired up in molecular orbitals, resulting in no net magnetic moment.

CN- molecular orbital diagram 
the CN- molecule has a total of 16 electrons, and they fill the molecular orbitals accordingly.

σ(1s)², σ*(1s)², σ(2s)², σ*(2s)², π(2px)2=π(2py)2 , σ(2pz)²,

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