2 ways to find bond order of N₂ using molecular orbital theory

 How to find Bond order of N₂ (nitrogen molecules) using molecular orbital theory

  • Draw the molecular orbital diagram for N₂
    total number of electrons in nitrogen molecules N₂ is 14
    because atomic number of O is 7
    2 atoms of nitrogen
    2 × 8 = 14
    electronic configuration of nitrogen molecules (N₂) σ1s², σ*1s², σ2s², σ*2s², π2px²=π2py²,σ2pz²
  • number of bonding electrons orbital (10) and the number of anti-bonding electrons orbital (4)
  • Subtract the number of anti-bonding electrons from the number of bonding electrons: 10 – 4 = 6
  • Divide the result by 2: 6/ 2 = 3

So, the bond order of N₂ (nitrogen molecules) is 3 triple covalent bond are present in N₂

bond order of N₂
bond order of N₂

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