Are You Using ChatGPT to Write Articles? Use it For These 5 Things Instead

Exploring 5 Exciting Ways to Utilize ChatGPT Beyond Writing Articles


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Over the past few months, I’ve been using ChatGPT, which has enhanced my productivity by 10X.

Yes, I have discovered some exciting hacks to use ChatGPT beyond writing that you won’t want to miss.

For the time being, I’m going to list the top 5 exciting applications that have increased my productivity like never before! Trust me! These hacks will blow your mind!

I hope you stick with me and thank me later, as you will absorb something really valuable from this story!

Let’s dive in.

1. Title Optimization

Did you know that, on average, five times as many people read your title as the body copy?

Your title is the initial factor that determines whether readers will engage or move on.

So, I’d dedicate 30 minutes to an hour, at least, to optimizing my title.

But now, ChatGPT helps me craft article titles and even email subject lines in a mere five minutes.


Could you please help me give 10 title variations on “A Month Ago, I Started My AI-Driven Faceless Youtube Channel—Here’s What Happened!

Screenshot by author

Wow, just wow! Let me pick the first one. ChatGPT is really worth it, friend (at least for me).

The Surprising Outcome of My AI-Driven Faceless YouTube Experiment—Here’s What Happened!

A Month Ago, I Started a Faceless YouTube Channel Solely Relying on AI to Create Engaging Shorts — Here’s The Result

2. Generating an Endless Flow of Ideas

Generating ideas is the most challenging job when it comes to writing.

Writing isn’t about writing. Writing is all about thinking in a dark room to create powerful ideas!

When you don’t have a flow of ideas, you’ll struggle to attract readers, and ultimately, you’ll stop making money.

But don’t worry! You have a powerful brainstorming assistant. It can help you create a bunch of powerful ideas.


Give me 10 problems/frustrations or hopes/aspirations that XY might have.

Screenshot by author

Next Prompt:

Write a different answer to any of these questions.

Screenshot by author

Next Prompt:

Give me the top 5 best books about “Self-Help”. Summarize each in 5 bullet points.

Screenshot by author

You see? Every time ChatGPT sparks with a unique idea, Pick the ones that resonate with you and add them to your bucket.

3. Improving Vocabulary

Are you using the same adjectives over and over again to bore your readers? You should not!

Vocabulary is a matter of word-building as well as word-using” — Stephen King

As a writer, you should have a bunch of vocabulary at your disposal, as it helps you choose the most appropriate word and make your write-up more effective.

Thanks to the incredible tool ChatGPT, I no longer need to look up words in the dictionary and use flashcards to retain them.

Here’s how I use ChatGPT to learn new words every day:


Act as my English language tutor. I’m going to give you new words. For each word, I’ll give you context. You have to explain the meaning of the word in the given context and provide three examples of how to use the new word.

Screenshot by author

4. Video Transcription

Who has hours to watch lengthy podcasts?

There might be situations where you don’t have much time to dedicate to watching a podcast or any crucial content that you can’t afford to miss.

Yes, ChatGPT helps me transcribe lengthy YouTube videos and summarize them, enabling me to absorb the content in just a few minutes.


Screenshot by author

You don’t need a prompt in this case. Just go to Google Chrome and search “YouTube Summary With ChatGPT & Cloud.

Click on the second result, as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot by author

Then, simply click on the “Add to Chrome” button, and you’re all set.

Screenshot by author

As you see, in my case, I have the “Remove from Chrome” button, as I have already added it.

5. Editing and Proofreading

Refining and proofreading my rough drafts have become remarkably effortless with the help of ChatGPT.

It ensures my content is:

  • Professionally written
  • Well-spelled
  • Clear and concise
  • Fluent
  • Error-free in grammar and meaning


[Paste your writing.]

Proofread my writing above. Fix grammar and spelling mistakes. And make suggestions that will improve the clarity of my writing.

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